court3According to the U.S. Cost Guard, there were 5,705 reported boating accidents in 2002, resulting in 750 fatalities, 4,062 serious injuries, and $39,185,172 in property damage. This is the highest number of deaths reported since 1998. The most frequently reported type of boating accident is collisions with other vessels. However, capsizing and falls overboard are the most frequently reported types of fatal accidents and account for more than 50 percent of all boating fatalities. Seventy percent of all fatal boating accident victims drowned, and nearly 85 percent of the victims who drowned were not wearing a personal flotation device, such as a life jacket.

To a boating accident lawyer, the injuries that can result from boating related accidents are depressingly familiar: brain and spinal cord injuries; sprains; fractures; abrasions; internal and soft tissue injuries; burn injuries; and just about every other injury associated with the operation of other motorized vehicles.

Because boating cases can be very complex, you need an experienced and aggressive boating accident lawyer to successfully handle them. The Law Firm of Michael A. Feldman has the necessary experience. We have sued boat owners, manufacturers and other individuals responsible for injuries, and we are not afraid to take them to trial if one of our clients has been injured. Accordingly, if you or someone you know have sustained a boating related injury, contact the personal Injury Law Offices of Michael Feldman toll free at 1-877-978-4878 or by email

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