courtroomWe understand that job related problems are stressful. We attempt to minimize the stress by keeping our clients apprised of the status of their case.

The Injury Law Office of Michael Feldman carefully examine the facts of your case, evaluate the nature of the case, and consider optimal venues in which this matter can be resolved. Whether your matter goes to trial, settles, or is resolved through some type of alternative dispute resolution, we provide aggressive and knowledgeable representation.

To learn more about what the Injury Law Office of Michael Feldman can do for you, or to have questions answered, please contact by either calling toll free at 877-978-4878 to arrange a free case evaluation, or you can email Attorney Mike Feldman at Lawyer@InjuryLawNow.com or fill out the form below. At the Law Offices of Michael Feldman, he will work to efficiently and effectively resolve your case. Let us help determine the best course of action to take regarding the pursuit of resolution to your legal situation.

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