court3If you have been injured due to a property owner’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation for everything you have lost. Under California law, property owners have a duty to people who come onto their property as a client, consumer, patron or guest.

Resort & Hotel Accidents

When a guest is injured in a slip and fall accident at a hotel or resort, the response of the property’s managers is usually prompt and caring. However, their demeanor can change quickly if you have been seriously injured. Don’t let important details about your case disappear

Restaurant & Bar Accidents

Even though the liability for an injury may seem clear, most bar and restaurant owners will do anything they can to avoid paying damages. If you are injured in a restaurant write the incident at once. Also take the name of the witnesses

Gym Accidents

The gym is a temple of fitness, a place you go to work out and get in shape. You go to the gym because you want to devote your time to getting healthy and staying that way. But the gym is also a dangerous place. All that weight being thrown, all the heavy equipment, and the quick-moving treadmills can be a potential minefield of injury.

If you or someone close to you has been injured in a gym accident, hotels and restaurant, please contact the Law Office of Michael Feldman toll free at 877-978-4878 or immediate attention.

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