a-family-with-children-having-12188228My personal injury practice has always emphasized cases involving serious injuries to children. I am a parent of three children, two of which are now grown and one is still in his early teens. As we all know there is nothing more precious than our children.

California law also recognizes the special value children have and therefore it is very important to learn one’s legal rights before getting taken advantage of by the opposite side including sophisticated insurance companies and big business. Please recognize the personal injury claims involving children are handled differently than injuries to adults. Time periods under most circumstanced for taking legal action are extended for minors or children. Typically when such a claim is settled the court requires that settlements be approved by the court and that certain procedures are put in place to best protect the child’s interest. Often such procedures prevent insurance companies from settling for less than the claim is worth. Issues also arise concerning how parents and others can recover money they have paid for medical care and other services for the child. As with other claims, issues have to be resolved concerning the role health insurance plays in such cases and in the case of injuries to minors arising from motor vehicle accidents, there are issues involving the best way to deal with the respective automobile policies. For example, child is injured while traveling in a friends makes it vital to learn how your friends insurance and your insurance and the insurance of the other driver who was the primary cause of the collision, all have an effective role to play in resolving the case. This situation needs the expertise of a personal injury lawyer and the personal injury Law Firm of Michael A. Feldmanis the type of law firm that is dedicated to handling these cases. There is no fee for an initial consultation. Contact Mr. Feldman now to get the representation you, a friend or family member will need to negotiate through the complicated steps necessary to effectively conclude to personal injury claim.

Mr. Feldman’s years of experience in sorting out; and best handling the layers of insurance that can easily confuse and derail an otherwise meritorious claim will prove to be of great benefit. Additionally his firm handles such claims on a reduced contingency fee basis that does not require you to pay any money up front for costs or fees. Mr. Feldman is only paid a fee when the case is settled or money is collected from a judgment, award or verdict. If the case does not result in monetary compensation then there is no attorney fee. Call or email NOW for a FREE Consultation.

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