court2Unfortunately, our society has not yet developed an adequate health care system for all. There are still plenty of us that do not have health care coverage and do not have the means or know-how to get medical care when an injury occurs as the result of another persons fault. So the situation arises that you or someone you know has been injured either in a car accident, a slip or fall, an animal attack or a defective product. How can you get the medical care you or someone you know deserves when you do not have health insurance? At the injury Law Offices of Michael Feldman, we can arrange for medical care for you as soon as possible where the Medical Provider agrees to wait for payment from the person or his or her insurance company as soon as responsibility has been accepted and payment has been tendered. This arrangement is often called a “lien” and is an effective method that has been devised to get injury victims the reasonable and necessary care they need even though no medical insurance coverage is immediately available.

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