red-accident-car-38254822You have just learned that the guy who injured you or someone you know was driving his or her vehicle without automobile liability insurance or does not have sufficient coverage to cover all the damages suffered. What do you do? Will your rates go up if you make a claim against your own automobile policy?

These are only some of the pressing questions that will further frustrate injury victims of an automobile accident.

At the Injury Law Office of Michael Feldman, Mr. Feldman has been handling these types of situations for San Diegans since 1985.

Michael Feldman knows what to do and how to best protect your interest. You will be reassured that your rates will not go up by making an uninsured or underinsured claim against your own automobile policy. In fact you will learn that when pursuing a claim against your own insurance company, you will be in a better position than if you have to proceed against the other driver’s insurance carrier. Since you have a contractual relationship with your own insurance company, implicit in that contractual relationship is the obligation owed to you by your insurance carrier to treat you fairly and to act in good faith. The other driver’s insurance company owes no such contractual obligation to you. On the other hand this does not mean that you can simply trust your own insurance company blindly. The insurance company defends these cases vigorously. Before talking directly to the insurance claims adjuster, or giving a recorded statement, find out your rights!

Mr. Feldman can guide you through the process and insulate you from talking directly to your own insurance carrier by being your mouthpiece.

So before you take one more step, contact the Law Office of Michael Feldman now. You can contact Mike Feldman toll free at 877-978-4878 any time,or you can email him by clicking here.

We welcome the opportunity to be your lawyer.

Note: These cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no up-front fees or costs; you only pay a percentage of the money collected. There is no fee if your case does not result in a monetary recovery.

Your questions, comments and suggestions are important to us. You may contact us 24 hours a day at our injury hotline.

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