money-491934Federal wage, hour, and overtime laws are regulated by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). In addition, California has similar wage and hour laws governing overtime. Non-exempt employees should be paid at least 1 1/2 times their hour salary for overtime hours worded. Overtime hours can include working more then 40 hours in one week or more then 8 hours in one day.

Unfortunately, in some instances, company greed or ignorance prevent you from receiving your entitled overtime pay. The following are guidelines to help you determine if you are not being fully compensated for your overtime work:

  • You are requested or demanded to work “off the clock”.
  • Your time sheet is altered to reflect no overtime, even though you worked overtime.
  • You are automatically clocked out for breaks and lunch, whether you take them or not.
  • You are denied overtime because it was not approved in advance by your manager or supervisor.
  • You are paid your hourly wage for overtime.
  • You are told to put your hours down on the following week or granted comp time for your overtime hours.
  • You are not paid for getting ready for work or for cleaning up your work space after work, even though both may be a requirement.
  • You are paid less than a minimum wage.
  • You are denied breaks or meal time even though you are entitled to them
  • You have been asked to forge records.
  • You have not been paid your tips.
  • You have been misclassified as an exempt employee.
  • You are not getting paid as an intern yet you do not get school credit.

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